Fetche la Vache

Emily Kyte
Third year animation student at Sheridan College.
Sometimes I post doodles, previews, and WIPs on my instagram and vine

5 second animation from this week, done in ToonBoom Harmony!

Inspiration sketch for third year film pitch! It’s about a modern day guy who lives in a fantasy world and can do slight of hand magic, causing everyone to think he is a powerful wizard!

Some rabbit studies~

Fox and a bird!

Tiny Nardo!!

Decided to revisit a design from 2nd year that I never used for anything!

I used the Cooling Off palette from colourpod

Wow, where to begin…

We’re designing a new banner for the facebook group for our year in the program, the theme this time was “Self-Insert”

So I went with the best option, believe it!

Easily the most beautiful fictional volleyball player


"I’ll just do a quick doodle of myself to warm up and then I’ll draw something cool"

Clearly I need to start coming up with cooler warm-up doodles because they always escalate, haha

Aahh, I did a bunch of doodles of Sakura a few weeks back when I was watching the first movie. I liked this one enough so I decided to clean it up and colour it!