Fetche la Vache

Emily Kyte
Animation student at Sheridan College.
Don't get too excited, I don't know what I'm doing
Sometimes I post dumb doodles on instagram

You know what he is right? This guy’s a hipster […] The skinny jeans, the scarf no matter the season, this guy’s a hipster, Penny

Beak sync

Some paintings!


Fight the power!


Muzzle lip sync assignment, used ToonBoom Harmony

Detectives in Space

I’ve grown very attached to Joey and Henry actually

"I’ve said it before Snape and I’ll say it again…"

I cut it down a lot from what I had originally planned because I wanted to actually get it done on time /and/ have it look good

Should look best if you go to HD and then ‘view full size’ after you make it full screen

Timing is a little off near the end when I uploaded it, but here are the key poses for our latest assignment


Expression change assignment

This started out as me wanting to draw a dog but then also wanting to draw the marauders, so… that was an easy decision¬†